How To Make a Great First Impression: Get Noticed, Break the Ice, and Get The Job!

You meet someone for the first time, and you want to make a good impression, so they remember it, especially if it’s the job interview.

But, how do you open up the conversation? What should you say? How will your words help them understand who you are as soon as possible so they can decide whether or not we’re compatible?

To create an unforgettable first impression:

Tips for making a great first impression

First impressions matter. The first few seconds of a conversation are critical because they will either allow someone to break the ice with you or push you away before they even have a chance to look at who you are.

The key is to get noticed and keep your eyes open for opportunities that can lead to more conversations.

Here are some tips:

Dress the part

To make an excellent first impression when meeting someone, you should dress the part. In addition, matching or slightly exceeding the level of formality is recommended when meeting someone for the first time. One accessory can be a conversation piece or unique item that will help make a good impression on people.

Whether you are dressed for the job or not, this doesn’t necessarily mean conservative or expensive. It does mean that you need to put thought into your appearance and dress to impress.

Dressing up is an essential part of long-term strategy and feelings of power. To build a strong image, people should dress professionally (red shoes, for example) to increase their status level.

Body language and posture

To make a great first impression, you should lean in when talking to show engagement. Also, try not to be afraid of taking up space at the table and maintain an open posture with your hands out of fists. Nonverbal cues can also make a powerful subconscious impact that will help you break the ice and get noticed by potential employers.

A person’s body language and posture can be a telling sign of dishonesty. Avoid tapping, touching your face too often, placing objects in front of yourself, or blinking excessively when communicating with someone else.

Be mindful to avoid sitting or standing too close to others while they are speaking either because you may want them for something more than just words if their proximity is uncomfortable for you.

Be authentic

Be authentic and focus on being yourself. People who care about other people’s stuff are typically pretentious, self-important, and stuffy.

Being authentic is the best way to make an excellent first impression. It’s more important for people to know whether or not you are trustworthy and likable rather than being experienced, skilled, or capable. The best way to do this is by showing that you can build relationships with people then offer advice when asked.

Listening shows people that you care more than offering advice, and it also helps them feel valued. Please pay attention to what others do in the conversation rather than focusing on yourself or your feelings–it can help build positive relationships with other people.

To be successful, it is crucial to have charm and the ability to laugh at yourself. It is tempting for charming and likable people in an interview or meeting with a potential employer to make jokes. However, all that charisma will mean nothing if you can’t take a joke.

Eye contact

When meeting someone, maintain eye contact. Eye contact is a sign of respect and will help you make an excellent first impression on most people. You can break the intensity by looking away briefly to show everyone that you are aware of their presence.

In some cultures, it is disrespectful to look away from the person you are speaking with for more than 3 seconds. Other countries may have different customs, so people should research local norms before attempting an international event involving looking into somebody else’s eyes while talking to them.

While eye contact can be a powerful tool in some instances, it also can backfire. If you’re trying to persuade someone, keep in mind that eye contact may not work best for them (unless they are already on your side).

Offer a firm handshake

A firm handshake should be warm, friendly, and sincere. It shows respect when you stand before shaking hands. Keep the handshake short and sweet to make it work for you!

Pitch and tone of voice

Pitch and tone of voice are two things you will want to pay attention to when communicating with others. Pitch is how high or low your voice goes, while tone refers to the emotion in your words.

You should have a pitch and tone of voice that makes your listeners feel confident when you talk. It would be best to speak at a comfortable speed for the listener, not too fast or too slow. Make sure to use words that are clear and understandable.

Know your audience

Know who you are meeting with, Google them before the meeting starts and use LinkedIn to learn more about them. Charlie App is also a helpful tool for background information on people you’re meeting with.

Come prepared

The first impression is crucial, so people need to come prepared. It’s also good practice to respect the time of others without being too pushy or coming off as rude. If meeting with someone online, plan accordingly and be sure that you’re at your best to impress them when they meet in person.

It is also imperative to respect their schedules and check-in before making the call.

Put your phone away

Many people have been known to check their phones during meetings, making people they are with feel like they don’t want to be there. You mustn’t engage in social media or messages on your phone while meeting with someone. Ensure that your presence at the meeting is enough to go smoothly without any distractions from cell phone usage.

Be polite

When meeting new people, it is essential to remember that you may be interacting with your potential coworkers.

The word “be polite” is used to mean that you should communicate work-related topics first, then build comradery as time progresses.

Being polite may also help maintain a conversation and be more helpful in general.

Last thoughts

We all know how important first impressions are. But when it comes to your career, you want a great one! So make sure that the interview is on time and professional with no interruptions. Tips outlined in this article will help ensure that your interview goes well and you land that job! Use appropriate words in an email like “thank you for taking the time to meet with me” and maintain eye contact throughout the conversation.

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