Beginners Guide To Beauty Hacks: Some quick beauty tips and tricks

As the title suggests, this is a guide to beauty. It’s going to teach you some quick tricks that will help your look without spending hours in front of a mirror.

I am here to tell you that there are a lot of tricks, tips, and secrets out there. They’re usually so simple but they work like magic! But I don’t want you wasting your time with trial-and-error; instead, let me help guide you through some quick beauty guides for beginners. These are tried-and best practices guaranteed to get noticed.

Beauty hacks for beginners

Beauty hacks are simple and quick tricks to make your life easier. Some of these beauty hacks may seem trivial, but they can help you avoid a lot of stress.

1. Clean face

Always begin with a clean face; regardless of how pressed for time you are, never neglect cleaning your face prior to applying makeup.

Develop a beauty routine that works best for you and stick to it regularly throughout the day and night.

2. The reverse makeup technique

The reverse makeup technique is a way to apply your cosmetics in order of the least important feature first, like eyes and lips. The goal of the technique is to make the eyes appear longer and wider by applying mascara before the foundation.

Dark makeup is not recommended because it will be too heavy-handed. Instead, the reverse technique should be used to create a lighter look that contrasts with the person’s skin tone and makes their eyes stand out more than usual.

3. Scotch tape

One of the more popular beauty hacks of the moment is called “feline flick.” It’s an eye makeup trend that can be achieved with tape or sticky notes as guides and then removed after blending out to remove the harsh line.

Remove the sticky notes before they are blended out, and create a sharp line with the tape parallel to your eyes corner.

4. Dewy skin

With this very basic cosmetic trick, you can master your makeup base and get a beautiful complexion. Utilize your foundation blender to mix your sheer foundation or concealer with essential oil or moisturizer. You’ve nailed the no-makeup makeup look without the added worry of blotting away excess shine.

5. Awesome lashes

Prefer flutter-worthy lashes but constantly end up with mascara on your eyelids? You are not alone in this. Apply your mascara while holding a clean spoon snugly against your eyelid. You’ll end up with all of the mascara on the back of the spoon rather than on your eyelid. Now, flutter your eyelashes and smile.

6. French manicure

Cover your nails with a rubber band, leaving only the tips exposed to be painted over. You no longer need to visit a salon to obtain a flawless French manicure.

7. Eye bags

While most of us just brush concealer across our whole under-eye region, to truly disguise bags, it’s important to emphasize the crease and afterward add a darker hue to the puffy area.

8. Fixing a bad mascara

Let’s face it, this eventually occurs in every tube of mascara. The issue is that it dries up and then forms ugly lumps. To prevent this, avoid pushing your mascara in an attempt to get the most on your wand; this effectively pumps air into the tube, causing it to dry up even quicker.

While mascara should be renewed every three to four months, I used to replace mine considerably sooner due to how quickly it dries out and produces undesired effects. However, there is a simple solution to this! Add a few drops of Visine (or any other brand of eye drops) to the tube and then swirl the wand inside. The Visine refreshes the mascara liquid, allowing it to apply as if it were fresh new!

9. Eye highlights

When attempting to create naturally stunning eye makeup, the location of highlights is critical. Lighter shades (whites, creams, and pearls) must be put to the inner corners, the center of the eye, and just behind the brow bone. Begin with the lightest colors and work your way up to the deeper colors. Ensure that they blend well!

10. Bigger eyes

If you don’t already have a nude pencil, you should immediately purchase one for this simple technique! Rather than using a heavy eyeliner to line your water line, use a nude pencil to give the illusion of a larger eye. If you have really pale skin, a white liner also works brilliantly.

11. Warm-up your lash curler

For around 3-5 seconds, use a blow dryer to heat your lash curler. The heat operates similarly to that of a curling iron, providing you with lovely lashes that persist all day. Please do not overdo it! Too much heat, too frequently, is bad for the health of the hair.

12. Business card mascara

When putting mascara, place a business card under your lashes and apply it back and forth from the roots. This way helps you coat each lash quickly while avoiding putting mascara inadvertently on your neatly applied eyeshadow.

13. Proper strokes

While you should wash your face and apply moisturizer upwards to help minimize small wrinkles and a drooping face, the opposite applies to foundation and powder. The majority of us have a small amount of hair on our faces, which grows downward. When your makeup is applied with upward strokes, your “peach fuzz” will stick straight up, making it more visible.


We invest a lot of cash trying cosmetic products, so it’s difficult to let them go. Yet makeup may become toxic for your face and eyes at some moment. This is especially the case for anything applied outside the eyes, which is why it’s critical to clear out your makeup drawer on a regular basis.

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