Murph: The Best High-Intensity Interval Training Workout You’re Going to Find

Murph is my favorite workout.

Well, I have a few favorites, but Murph is by far the best one for most people because it’s so easy to do and adaptable to whatever your schedule looks like.

It doesn’t matter if you can only find 45 minutes or a couple of hours this week – spend some time on each of the following sets: 1-mile run/walk; 100 pull-ups; 200 push-ups; 200 air squats, followed by another 1-mile run, and you’ll see guaranteed results.

If you’re familiar with HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), you know that it’s more than just a workout. It’s an all-out assault on your body, and the intensity of these workouts can give you great results in as little as 12 minutes per day!

I’ve created this post with some thoughts on how to make Murph work for you:

What Is the Murph Workout?

The Murph workout is a CrossFit HWOD (Hero Workout of the Day) created by the Navy Seals to honor fallen first responders and members of the military.

The name of it comes from Lt Michael P Murphy, who was killed in action in Afghanistan, and CrossFit adopters decided to honor him by naming this strenuous exercise after his last name.

It’s meant for athletes looking for a quick mix between cardiovascular and anaerobic activity with short but intense bursts of effort followed by periods where they can catch their breath without stopping or slowing down too much. The workout has several rounds, each with increasing intensity.

Each round consists of 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 unweighted squats, and a 1-mile run (or swim, depending on what you’re going for).

The Murph workout is a high-intensity interval training workout that can combine weight lifting and running. This intense workout burns nearly 600 calories in less than an hour!

At their absolute peak, men wear a weight vest that weighs 20lbs, and women wear 14lbs of weight on their back while working out.

Who is the Murph workout for?

The Murph workout is a brutal, full-body strength and endurance training program. Initially, it was designed for Navy Seals, and thus it’s very demanding.

However, even regular persons can start doing this workout and see great results. Just make sure to reduce the number of each exercise to account for your excess weight or lack of training practice.

For example, if you’re not in shape, start with the following round:

  1. 20 push-ups
  2. Two pull-ups
  3. 20 squats
  4. 0.5-mile run

Once you get in better shape, you can gradually increase these numbers in each workout for better results.

How to get prepared for the Murph workout

To get ready for the Murph workout, you should always start by warming up your muscles. Warming up is the essential part as it prevents you from getting injured and gets the blood flowing in your body.

Here are some practical tips on how to prepare for each workout:

Avoid these mistakes

You may want to take the time to stretch out, do some warm-up jog or walk before you start your workout. Don’t make these mistakes when preparing for the Murph workout.

  • Don’t sprint the first mile because it will make you feel like a living nightmare.
  • If you’re doing Murph for the first time, break up sets to avoid feeling exhausted in the last mile.
  • Avoid wearing a weight vest until you’re comfortable with the workout, as it feels suffocating and is quite tough on newbies.
  • Take breaks because you will not feel so tired if your body gets some rest during the workout.
  • Please don’t give it your all at once on each rep. It’s OK to start slow and then alter the pace when you’re in the zone.

Hydrate properly

To get the best out of your Murph workout, it is essential to hydrate properly. Dehydration can lead to muscle soreness and decreased performance. Not hydrating correctly could cause you to be worse than if you had not done the workout at all.

Never do a workout on an empty tank

Before you jump into a Murph workout, make sure you’re well-hydrated and fueled.

To have the best workout, you should never do a workout on an empty tank. Fueling your body is crucial because it allows for optimal performance and helps prevent injury.

Make sure always to consume carbohydrates and electrolytes before each workout.

Consider the weather conditions

When deciding what precautions to take, it is crucial to consider the weather and your performance. Weather conditions can affect people’s performance and lead to injury.

If it’s too hot, either hydrate well and shorten your workout or postpone it until the weather is more favorable.

Scale, scale, scale

When starting, scale the workout to your physical shape. For example, if you’re not able to do regular push-ups, find a way to help yourself initially. People do this by using a chair, wall, or floor for support, for example.

The best way to assess your ability is to find someone who has done the workout before and see how they manage it.

Additional tips

Here are some additional tips on the Murph workout:

Train for volume

A volume workout is a series of exercises that are meant to be done over the course of one day. They should be intense, but not so much that they burn out your muscles or cause you to feel exhausted. Volume training can help people get fit at any point in their lives.

Speed vs. Endurance

The main difference between training for speed and endurance is that the former is short-term while the latter requires long-term. To train for a good Murph workout, you should follow these tips:

1) Build your aerobic fitness by running at least four times per week.

2) Increase your strength to maintain balance when carrying heavy weight loads.

3) Practice laddering.

4) Make sure to have proper breathing techniques so you can better tolerate high-intensity efforts.

Make sure to rest properly

Use rest strategically when you’re doing a high-intensity interval training workout. If you use your rest time wisely, it can help to keep your performance up and your heart rate down.

Mind your pace

Once you get in shape, it’s easy to overdo it. The most common mistake in running Murph is to try and run the first mile too fast. Doing so could cause significant injuries, so it’s best to start conservatively, with a slow mile followed by two faster ones for a total of three miles.

Identify your weakness

If you cannot do push-ups, pull-ups, and bodyweight squats each day – understand your weaknesses. This will make it easier for you to find a training program that meets your goals or alter the current regiment.

Knowing your weaknesses and planning your reps scheme based on that knowledge can quickly save time with this short but effective workout.

Final thoughts

In short, Murph workout is a classical HIIT workout that can do wonders for your body, but it’s not easy to start with if you’re not in shape. Don’t fret, though. You can always start small and work towards higher goals.

If you have any other tips or experiences regarding this workout, let me know in the comments below!

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