How to Stay Healthy During Autumn

Autumn is a time of change. Leaves turn, flowers wither and die, colors fade from vibrant to muted tones. And with the change in seasons come changes in our health.

The change in temperature can weaken your immune system, which makes you more prone to catching sniffles. There are several things that may help keep your immune system strong and prevent colds or worse during the autumn months.

Health Risks of Autumn

It’s not just the kids you have to keep an eye on. As autumn sets in, illness sets up shop as well.

And with both human and pet populations out of school for most of the time now, there are plenty of opportunities for germs to spread quickly.

Doctors’ offices are packed with coughs, runny noses, and fevers. And once your child is back in school, his classmates will bring home all sorts of sicknesses to you—whether you like it or not.

Viruses are no respecters of seasons, though they are more prevalent in the colder months. You can get sick when the flowers are blooming, but colds and flu are often associated with autumn’s shorter days, cooler temperatures, and drier air.

Health Benefits of Autumn

Autumn has its benefits too! The wind may be brisk outside but there are still some great ways to enjoy the season. Grab your coat and go for a brisk walk or invite folks over for an apple picking jaunt.

Just being outside breathing in the fresh air is invigorating and has been shown to boost a person’s immune system.

So don’t let autumn’s change affect your health in a negative way.

Follow these simple tips to enjoy all that this wonderful season has to offer—and stay healthy too!

Tips to stay healthy during autumn

Tips to stay healthy during autumn.
Tips to stay healthy during autumn.

Boost your immune system

Keep your immune system strong by getting enough sleep, exercise, and nutritious food. And try to stop touching your face with unwashed hands to avoid germs.

Drink water

Stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. Though staying hydrated keeps your system strong against outside invaders, it is also important to stay hydrated from the inside by drinking enough water.

Eat Vitamin C foods

Make sure to eat plenty of vitamin C foods such as oranges, kiwi fruit, and leafy greens like kale and spinach. Foods containing vitamin C helps you fight off infections and boost your immune system.

Vitamin D

Another way to enhance your immunity this autumn is by increasing your vitamin D intake. The sun, which stimulates serotonin production to increase happiness and ward off depression, isn’t as strong as it was during spring and summer.

In the absence of vitamin D from the sun, try a vitamin D supplement to battle winter blues and keep your immune system strong.

Take care of your mental health

Having low levels of vitamin D can lead to people feeling blue or depressed. So be sure to spend time in the sun for vitamin D intake and also take a Vitamin D supplement during the autumn months when there isn’t much sunlight.

Wash your hands

Wash your hands often (especially after using the restroom!). This will help prevent spreading germs as well as colds and flu.

Flu shot

Get your flu shot! The best way to prevent the flu is a yearly vaccine, especially if you’re at a higher risk for complications with the flu (i.e., women who are pregnant or people over 65 with underlying medical conditions).

Warm clothes

Keep warm clothes on you to avoid catching a cold or flu if you have to go outside in the chilly autumn air.


Make sure to exercise daily as it helps boost your immunity, enhances your mental health, and keeps your body healthy overall.

Exercise has been shown to increase levels of neurotransmitters that increase happiness and ward off depression, just like the sun does. So even though it’s cooler outside, don’t let that stop you from exercising!

Avoid germs

The best thing to do during autumn is to avoid catching a cold or flu. Steer clear from people who you know have been sick lately or who have been coughing or sneezing around you. If possible get them to go home before they can infect you!

This may be easier said than done considering the crazy things kids get into at school, but washing hands often, staying away from sick people, and getting a yearly flu shot will help ward off the germs.

Ending note

Autumn is a beautiful time of year with an abundance of fun activities to partake in.

But most importantly, remember to follow these simple tips to keep your immune system strong during this wonderful season!

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